Thursday, September 23, 2010

Napa's Spring

The Farm House

Eastern Ridge


Napa Colors

Spring Vines

The Brickhouse


Wild Mustard


  1. OH MY, BEAUTIFUL. You were so close to me my dear. Napa is over the bend from our house! You could of came by for wine. I recognized the territory. FAB job on the photos. They are stunning and bold, composition and thought. So you were hanging your head out the window like a puppy dog! How did you find that rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. On my next venture to you're beautiful county, I will stop to see your house! And yes! I did hang my head out! Believe it or not, those photos were taken on Hwy 4, east of Farmington on the way to the cabin. It was one of those days early spring I think, and I'm sure glad I had my camera handy. Just happened to catch the rainbow on our way home from the cabin, again on Hwy just never know where you'll be inspired!

  3. AND there is nothing like Mustard grass in the fields of vineyards!