Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Big Trees

 Our cabin sits near a grove of centuries old sierra redwoods. I often walk up an old road with my dog and when I get to a place as that road narrows, I am surrounded by some of the "younger" redwoods.  I will stand there, just the dog and I and close my eyes and listen to the silence. It is deafening. It is magnificent.  I will look up, I am surrounded. I am happy.

This is a walk we took with our dog, who runs and runs and smells the earth and life renewing itself with each passing moment.

Calaveras Big Trees State Park


  1. I should not of looked. I peeked at the big trees before you could show them to me. Oh my, they are huge. What a wonderful post Kate.

  2. Oh Janie! This is just a glimpse! Wait till you see them in person!

  3. Really?
    Does Jim climb those to with his fancy footwear?
    I will look forward to seeing them.

  4. I know some people can hear the trees talking and can hold a conversation. I have tried but failed. But then who knows? Maybe I got through. People used to say I had a "green thumb."