Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lovin' the Dirt

On countless adventures traveling south on Highway 101, as we pass hill upon hill of giant sleeping elephants dotted with tangled oaks, vineyards and endless sky, my guy always shouts out, "ZACA STATION!"  I smile and glance over at him..his boyish grin, longing for his turn on these unknown whoops, turns, and straight-aways; dark loamy dirt that he or his Honda 450, have never tasted.  But today was a different day than all those others in our travels; we made the turn.  All three of us, dog included, bumping along on the three miles of unmarked dirt road, leaving a trail of dust behind, eyes peeled for any slight clue of what was to come.  White faced, sweet-eyed cows stopped us in our tracks..the dog and I delighted at their curiosity and silliness..lacey Spanish Moss hanging from ancient oaks.. a world far removed and greener, quieter from any I'd recently been accustomed to.  Jim next to me, intent with excitement and anticipation of getting on with it.  Ah, at last there it is...the smile on his face broadens..I can't do anything but smile myself. Unloaded, gear on, and off he goes. I sit in the quiet of the truck, watching my man eye the dirt, following the curve and lay of the track..anticipating those so-often imagined turns, whoops and straightaways that are oh-so real on this fine spring day.

I have realized long ago that this man I married, has a passion that feeds his soul. It is there, it is always there...

I can only imagine what he feels like out there, wheels spinning on that powerful machine, flying.. never more free in those moments than he will ever be, anywhere else...

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting."
                                                      ~Steve McQueen